ALL SEAL (Multi Purpose Sealant)


ALL SEAL is a versatile single component, non sag, rapid grip, fast setting, high bond, elastic, flexible, water resistant, weather & ageing reisitant, paste based on PVA hybrid for sealing gaps, joints and cracks upto 2” without fracturing and easily absorbing distortions for all tropical climates. With its adhesion characteristics it borders the properties of an adhesive. It requires no external curing and is impermeable to water.







most household,/ construction,/ industrial materials such as aluminum, metal, glass,


concrete, plasters, wood, tiles, ceramics, roofing


sheets, PVC pipe joints, etc and


Cracks in concrete, plaster, upto 10 mm width.


Sealing gaps between aluminum sheets or profiles used in variety of application like window frames and substrate, office cubicle sections; sealing glass in aluminum sections etc


Bonding, fixing, joining and sealing non structural elements for aesthetics and water proof joints.


Used for sealing gap between sink/ bathtub and vertical/ horizontal tiles, replacing tiles on vertical surface, sealing gaps of door frames in the floors sealing joints of vertical



  • Highly Elastic


  • Single Component, easy to use


  • Non Sagging


  • Fast Set


  • Long Life





tiles, drilled holes in tiles/ walls, pasting


decorative wall papers and flooring mats




Seal Vertical and Horizontal joints/ cracks /


pavement grooves  upto 2” width


Sealing all types of holes or joints/cracks,


between asbestos/cement fibre corrugated


sheets and U/J bolt holes.


Sealing rivet joints & lap joints of various


metals such as MS, aluminum, PVC sheets,


checkered plates etc for watertight


permanent joints in railway coaches, bus


bodies etc.


Sealing threads of PVC/ GI pipes to prevent








INDUSTRIAL applications




  • Maintains its properties even upto 500CTemperatures
  • Built for tropical climates


  • High Flexibility


  • Highest bond to most materials.


Surface Pre-Treatment & Method Of Application

ALL SEAL is used when atleast one of the substrates in porous. Clean the surfaces to be sealed/ joined.


For cement plasters or gypsum plasters, Widen the crack upto 3mm width and 3 mm depth, & dampen the crack with ample of water. Apply All SEAL while the crack is damp.


Else if it is not possible to widen the crack; dampen the surface with water and then seal it by using a putty knife to push ALL SEAL into the crevices.


For two moveable surfaces:- Apply ALL SEAL directly into the gap/joint. Hold surfaces together firmly overnight.


Once cured, the sealant’s matrix becomes like a semi-flexible rubber, which is elastic and firm. It maintains a complete dense elastic &waterproof seal in tropical conditions for temperatures upto 500C. It has very high bond strength to wide range of substrates. Once set, it could be painted upon easily.


Packing: Easy to use 0.2kg, 0.5 kg, and bulk packs of 1 kg, 4 kg, 20 kg, 200 kg drum packing




Typical Coverage of ALL SEAL
Width of groove/ crack Depth of groove/crack
5mm 10mm 25 mm
5mm 44 M 22 M 9 M
10mm 18 M 9 M 3.5 M
25 mm 7 M 3.5 M 1.5 M
Technical Data
No Characteristic Property
1. Appearance White, Grey & Black
2. Consistency Non-Sag paste
3. Density 1.65 approx
4. Curing Times @ 300 C Touch Dry within 0.5 hours
(depends upon substrate) Hard Dry 24 hours
Full cure 7 days
5. Shrinkage Slight
6. Glass Transition temperature -8 0C
7. Service Temperatures 1 0 C to 80 0 C
8. Shore A Hardness About 55
9. Elasticity > 125% before fracture
10. Resistance to UV rays and water Excellent
11. Adhesion to materials such as concrete, glass, Excellent
metals, aluminium, wood, ceramic, asbestos,
POP, card-paper, fiber sheets, ..
12. Bond strength between aluminum sheets and 0.13 MPa after 24 hours @ 32 0 C
concrete 0.5 MPa after 7 days
13. Tensile Strenght 1 MPa approx
14. Shelf Life 12 months if stored in cold dry place
away from sunlight in tightly sealed



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