FORMULATION of AAC block or Tile adhesive consists of three important raw materials:-

  • Cement,
  • Sand
  • Correct Polymers in the correct proportions

Cement and sand is abundantly available and majorly non technical, however the right sourcing of polymers is very critical because your product performance depends directly upon the quality, fineness, dosage, solubility, type and molecular weight of the polymers.

It may seem as trivial, however when it comes to manufacturing an average quality and product and a great product it’s this polymer selection that will make the world of a difference.

The polymers of AMP-68 are developed in such a way so as to give you:-

  • Improved Work ability
  • Enhanced Trowel-ability and retention
  • Adequate Pot life
  • Higher Bond strength
  • Higher Tensile strengths
  • Much better hardness and toughness
  • And most importantly the addition of AMP 68 optimizes cement contents to obtain a premium quality product at economic raw material costs

Using AMP-68 you will be able to use basic raw materials in such a fashion that your end product will be profitable as well as of premium quality.

The dosage of AMP-68 typically depends upon the cement type of sand. Dosage of AMP-68 can be adjusted at your end, after a few basic lab trials.

  • As a general starting point formulation the proportions are below:-
  • Cement –   300 kgs
  • Sand – 700 kgs
  • AMP-68 – 20-40 kgs

Many major manufacturers and SME plants across India confidently use AMP-68 as a raw material over the last so many years. They are pleased with the quality and timely delivery of AMP-68.

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Below is typical results and properties obtained by using AMP-68 in your formulation Vs your regular polymers

1Pot life45 mins2 hours
3Bond strength0.3- 0.5 N/mm2> 1 N/mm2
4Tensile StrengthUpto 0.3 N/mm2Upto 1 N/mm2
5Mortar Compressive StrengthUpto 3 N/mm2Upto 8 N/mm2
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