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SPRMC RS 15 is a Water Reducer Plasticizer based on metallic salts of lignosulfonates which improves the mixing and workability of concrete. Beside it is also a powerful waterproofing additive.


SPRMC RS 15 is a Plasticizing admixture with slump retention capabilities essential for:


  • Site batching / Pumpable concrete, wherein large sections must be filled without the possibility for honeycombing.


  • SPRMC RS 15 is used for producing consistent quality concrete, batch after batch inspite of small variations in the concrete raw materials.


  • For good finishing characteristics after pouring and compaction.


  • SPRMC RS 15 is used when large volume of ready mix concrete is in process; to prevent cold joints.


  • Combined features of plasticizer and slump retainer are found most useful to pump concretes over distances.


  • SPRMC RS 15 at all doses improves the cohesiveness of concrete, reduces bleeding and segregation. Hence it enhances concrete strength, & improves impermeability coefficient of concrete.


  • SPRMC RS 15 disperses cement by purely electrostatic forces augmenting mechanical mixing ensuring speedy, uniform, cohesive & homogenous mix.


  • SPRMC RS 15 at low dosages (0.1- 0. 3%) is efficient water reducer plasticizer, for maintaining workability for short periods. On use of larger dosages higher workability and slump retaining characteristics can be obtained.


It is dark tan free flowing liquid with specific gravity around 1.1, harmless to handle and long shelf life if stored in cool dry place.


It is recommended that trials be carried out before use to establish input output parameters for design mixes. SPRMC RS 15 is chloride free. It is considered as first generation of admixtures for the construction and RMC industry.


Dosage of SPRMC RS 15 may be adjusted depending upon concrete design, water cement ratio, nature of aggregates, slump requirements, ambient temperatures, relative humidity etc. As a starting point for pumpable concretes a dosage of 300 – 500 ml per 50 kg cement may be used. It is safe to use SPRMC RS 15 in concretes using a dosage of upto 1000 ml per 50 kg. Starting Point dosage for conventional concretes where plasticity, water reduction and waterproofing characteristics are desired, a dosage of 100 ml to 250 ml may be used.


However it the dosage of SPRMC RS 15 depends upon the aggregates, cement, environmental conditions and target performance. Traffic tests provide ideal results.


SPRMC RS 15 does not affect the Final setting time of Concretes tremendously. High dosages increase the workability and slump retention. Increasing the dosage of SPRMC RS 15 will increase the final strengths of concretes as compared to those without admixtures.


No SPRMC RS 15 W/C Cement 28 Days Slump
1 Nil 0.55 16% 24 N/mm sq 45 mm
2 500 ml 0.50 16% 29 N/mm sq 170 mm
1 Colour Dark Tan Liquid
2 Specific Gravity Approx 1.10
3 PH >6
4 Dosage 50 ml per bag up to 2% of weight of cement
depending upon the desired target performance.
5 Packing 225 kg barrels.
6 Storage/life 1 yrs, if be stored in cool dry place away from
7 Toxicity Nil
8 Corrosion Nil
9 Cement Compatibility OPC, PPC & GGBS Cement
10 Chlorides Nil to IS 9103
11 Test Report Confirms to IS 9103
12. Admixture as per ASTM C494 Type A, Type B, Type D



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It is strongly recommended that site trials be conducted using site conditions and available raw materials to evaluate the product. Since site materials and conditions are beyond our control and since above suggestions and recommendations are based on our site trials and laboratory product evaluation & trials, and since methods of use at site are beyond our control. Hence, no guarantee can either be implied or enforceable